Pattern, Marker and Cutting Files For LASER

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To generate Pattern, Marker and Cutting Files For LASER we can follow the advices given here: Pattern Files are generated by the Moderis module of the Lectra software. The file extension is *.mdl. Then this file is
exported to the *.dxf file format. This format cannot read the file for different layers. That’s why another software is
used to change the file into *.plt file extensions. This file is then used for LASER cutting jobs. General Files for laser cutting can be prepared using ANY CAD or illustration software that allows for saving or
exporting into the common CAD formats (dwg, dxf, ai, + others).

The file intended for laser cutting should be prepared as follows:

 The geometry for cutting should be placed near the origin (0,0,0).
 all geometry should be checked to ensure there are NO DUPLICATE entities.
 all vectors should have line weight set to 0, or the minimum possible.
 If possible, all continuous poly-lines should be JOINED – to ensure cutting is one continuous line (not many line
 Line colors should be standard (“red” “green” “blue”).. Generally black, Red, green & blue can be selected.

It is advisable to gather geometry onto different layers:

 all lines or geometry for cutting onto one layer,
 all lines or geometry for engraving onto a separate layer,
 any raster images for engraving onto separate layers
 Ensure that when you export the file, the measurements are in MILLIMETERS, and double check the scale of the digital file when Cutting it to the laser cutter. Your geometry MUST be in mm at 1:1 scale for the model.

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